Space Stations

Using the SKYLON spaceplane, REL has designed a series of modules which can be docked together in a number of ways to produce a variety of space stations. All of the modules are designed to fit in the SKYLON payload bay, and use a common docking mechanism.

Space Stations

The modules include a common node, an airlock module, science lab with exposed facility and manipulator arm, solar arrays and battery modules, accommodation and a docking module with a series of docking ports and manipulator arm.

Science Station 1 Science Station 2

Science Station

The addition of a science laboratory and exposed facility, such as seen of the ISS 'Kibo' module.

Hotel Station 1 Hotel Station 2

Hotel Station

The addition of 2 inflatable modules creates additional accommodation for space tourism.

Fluyt Station 1 Fluyt Station 2

Fluyt Station

An additional modules provides berths for two Fluyt vehicles, and ports to attach tanker modules, carrying propellants for refeulling.

Lunar Station 1 Lunar Station 2

Lunar Station

By adding an additional docking module for lunar excursion vehicles and their associated fuel tanks, an orbiting lunar station can be created, supported the exporation and exploitation of the Moon.


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