Aerospace Illustration and Visualisation - Graphical Engineering.

On this site you'll find examples of my work - mostly aerospace and science fiction. All the illustrations are available for purchase, and new illustrations can be commissioned. My work has featured in many books, magazines, websites, presentations and TV programmes.

Site News:

Feb 2017 - New Images, New Sections.

Bernal SphereAdded a new menu item - Illustrations, which features a selection of my historical and technical images, and also various maps and cutaways.

To the Illustrations...

Also added some more items to
"Space Stations" and various other stuff.

Site News:

March 2015 - New Images.

Europa ClipperAdded a new section featuring a selection of Space Probe and Telescope images, featuring various landers and space telescopes, most of which are still in the future.

More Images...


1 May 2013 - Latest Book "The Air Staff and AEW", by Chris Gibson.

The Air Staff and AEWJust received my copy today - and it's excellent! My good friend and colleague Chris Gibson has been researching the long and tortuous story of the RAF's procurement of an AEW system for the last couple of years, and this book is the result. I did the layout and design, and the CG aircraft illustrations.

Meticulously researched, written in his usual engaging and entertaining style, copiously illustrated with line drawings and photos, it documents the history of RAF AEW from the early days during WWII to the present day. Highly recommended for anyone with an interest in aviation history.

Available at Amazon soon: The Air Staff and AEW: Royal Air Force Airborne Early Warning Projects

May 2013 - New Images.

Titan BoatsJust uploaded new imagesincluding - Titan Boats (Issue 12 of 'All About Space).

Also a selection of images of the Gas Dynamic Mirror Fusion Rocket, from the forthcoming book "Starship Century", edited by Greg Benford. More on this soon.


Feb 2013 - New Images.

Tiangong 3Uploaded new pages of images that have recently appeared in various magazines - Space Elevator, Orbital Ring, Comet Harpoon, Tiangong 3. and the BIS Moonship.

There's also a short preview of the TTA: Capital Ships movie.


2013 Calendar: 'Interstellar' now available.

Interstellar 2013 CalendarMy calender for 2013, featuring a selection of interstellar spacecraft related images is now available through the store.

Price is $24.99, it's 11"x8.5" (28 x 20cm), printed on good quality stock through CafePress.

You can order it here: Bisbos.com Store


How It Works CoverJust added some new images of the newly discovered planet orbiting Alpha Centauri B.

Not a lot is know about it yet, but we do know that it orbits very close to the star, has a very short orbital period, and will be exceedingly hot on the surface. More Images...


How It Works CoverHow It Works CoverHow It Works CoverThree of my images are featured in the first issue of All About Space.

More images to come in Issue 2 - Mercury and Vostok capsules, and the NASA 'Galileo' Jupiter orbiter and probe, and yet more for Issue 3 - tractor beam ship, 'spagettification', future Russian space station and inflatable module, and even more for Issue 4 - space cannon, the entire Universe to scale, Voyager II and Virgin Galactics' Spaceship 2!

Other News:

Just finished the final illustrations for the latest book by Chris Gibson "Battle Flight", the follow up to his previous work "Vulcan's Hammer".

I've seen the text and it promises to be yet another fascinating and extensively researched book. Highly recommended!

P139 from "Admiralty and AEW"Also in the works is the next volume in the Project Tech series, "The Air Staff and AEW", following on from "The Admiralty and AEW". Yet more bizarre, scary, ugly and unbuilt attempts to bolt radar onto aircraft.


Featured Publications:

K F Long: Deep Space Propulsion